Kevin Bruce

Kevin Bruce Scott is the creator and founder of the Effortless Alpha Protocol, a challenge group for men who want to stay at the leading edge of their lives, businesses and relationships. His life-transforming work with men in groups and one-on-one has sparked the Masculine Expansion, creating a space for men to lead their worlds with power, honour, discipline, and respect.

Kevin is the host of Tales From the Other Side of Freedom, a bi-weekly Live, Online speaker series featuring men from all walks of life who have found success out of personal struggle. “Tales” is an effort to inspire men to find the motivation and understanding to achieve their own success regardless of their current situation.

Kevin’s research on the topic of Integrity has spanned several years, interviewing dozens of the major players in the self-development field including Ontario’s own, Raymond Aaron. The working title “The Book on Integrity: A Gentlemen’s Guide of Self-Actualization” will be available soon and is the basis for his presentation at the Men and Masculinity Summit.

Four years ago, Kevin and his longtime girlfriend, Melanie Ann Layer, took to the road to expand their businesses and have never looked back! Constant travel with no fixed address has led them to self-development events all across North America, Mexico and Europe. Consistent growth and learning is one of the main keys to their success. Their ALPHA COUPLE program is the shining star of the fruits of their relationship success, helping couples gain or regain passion for each other and their own individual lives.

Kevin would like to thank Steve Richmond and ALL the men, women and volunteers behind the Men and Masculinity Summit for giving him the opportunity to change even more lives!


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