David Robinson “Coach Dave” is a business relationship expert, emotional intelligence specialist, and master coach. David is the Principal of the Impact Leadership Group Inc., a consultancy that specializes in helping organizations develop resilient leaders and productive business relationships.  Also, he serves as Emcee for the Men and Masculinity Open Forum as well as Media Relations Lead.

It’s hard to meet David and remain unchanged. His humble and humorous delivery transforms any audience and his passion for excellence is infectious.

When he is not inspiring organizational Leaders, David’s long time passion and calling is counselling and coaching men. His personal mission is to help make the world safer for women, children and men by helping men consciously lead and live their lives fully.

David is the founder and facilitator of a men’s peer to peer support program in Waterloo Region linked with the Mankind Project International, and was for many years, a volunteer leader and co-facilitator at Inner Directions Relationship Centre in Toronto.

David is a Certified Leader and Leader Trainer with the Mankind Project International and has been an active member of the Mankind Project in Canada for over 12 years. Currently, David serves on the North American Leader Council for the Mankind Project International and also as the Canada leader representative for The Mankind Project in Canada.


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