2016 Summit


  • Steve Anderson
    Steve Anderson

    Steve co-founded the initiative in 2014 that serves the next generation of leaders by providing sacred space and experiential learning for boys, young men and men. To align organizations that serve young men in order to identify opportunities to collaborate and magnify benefits.

  • Nick Hodges
    Nick Hodges

    Nick is the Director and Co-Founder of Journey Leaders In Action, a non-profit organization that serves the next generation of men by providing experiential opportunities for boys and young men to be in masculine relationship.

  • Jody Grose
    Jody Grose

    My connection to Native American spirituality, and grounds my life and the work that I do with men.

  • Donald W. Todrin
    Donald W. Todrin

    Saving families one business at a time, by removing unsupportable debt without bankruptcy that is  stressing small businesses so that the owners, and employees can survive, emerge and succeed once again.

  • James R. O’Rourke
    James R. O’Rourke

    James R. O’Rourke, known as Jim, is an American life-coach, self-help expert, motivational speaker and training developer.

  • Danish Ahmed
    Danish Ahmed

    Danish Ahmed is an entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, and best-selling author of “A Dictionary of Distinctions”.

  • Peter Thompson
    Peter Thompson

    Peter is an active volunteer and has managed at numerous levels in the international men’s movement from Toronto since 1982.

  • Robert Leung
    Robert Leung

    Robert Leung is a Life Coach and has been involved in the Sterling men’s work for over 26 years. As a teammate (still on his original team) captain, Point Man and Division Coordinator.

  • Owen Williams
    Owen Williams

    Owen Williams has been involved in men’s groups throughout the middle third of his life.


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