The ManKind Project Canada

The ManKind Project of Canada

Looking to embrace your true and full self? To have better connections and relationships with others? Want to let go of those internal messages that keep you from doing it?

The ManKind Project (MKP) is an international network of men in New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, much of the UK/Western Europe and North America. The ManKind Project of Canada is a registered Canadian charity. MKP offers ongoing peer-led men’s circles for men and various leadership and emotional awareness trainings.

Since it was originally launched in 1986, our flagship training, The New Warrior Training Adventure (NWTA) Since 1985, more than 55,000 men have attended the NWTA worldwide, including nearly 500 in Ontario and over 1000 across Canada. The NWTA is an experiential training where men are encouraged to look at what is important to them, where they get stuck or hold themselves back and how to move past that to create the life they want for themselves. It is a place of healing and developing deeper connections with ourselves and others. Further, it is a place for men to create a personal mission or direction for their lives. On the NWTA men can expect to engage in small and large group discussions, individual reflection and journaling, guided visualization, some presentations, games and fun.

MKP’s men’s circles are intended to support men to take the learning they gained from the NWTA and apply it to their life, to make meaningful changes that last, rather than staying stuck in the same place.

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