Our Team

Men and Masculinity is a 100% volunteer run organization of men and women who produce The Men’s and Women’s Summit on Masculinity. We celebrate mature masculinity. Because we see the value, strength, and power of unity, we train ourselves to ask for help and recognize that we thrive in relationship rather than in isolation

We actively reach out to organizations, leaders, and people dedicated to a healthy masculine presence flourishing in our society and dedicated to supporting men, women, and families. We offer a platform, a space, both online and in person, to raise questions, challenge beliefs and broadcast our partners’ messages so that we create opportunities for men and women to understand themselves better and live great lives.

All funds brought in through our events are reinvested back into the events or marketing so that our message can reach further and put on more events in other locations.

2018 Team Members

  • Michelle Brienza
    Michelle Brienza

    Michelle is the Outreach Coordinator for the Summit, she has been in the Landmark and Sterling Community since 1999.  This born and raised Torontonian has been serving her community as a mortgage broker for 20 years and enjoys investing in real estate.  Her new found purpose is that men and women are living their best lives so that each generation is better than the previous.

  • Deborah Rosen
    Deborah Rosen

    Deborah is the Event Manager for the Summit. She’s been involved in the Sterling and Landmark communities for over eleven years and works wth both men and women as a life coach. She is also an aspiring Middle Grade/Young Adult author, artist, and tapestry weaver. Deborah has three grown children and lives in Florida with her husband.

  • Dr. Vibe
    Dr. Vibe www.thedrvibeshow.com/

    Dr. Vibe is the host and producer of the awarding winning  The Dr. Vibe Show™ for the last decade.


  • Steve Richmond
    Steve Richmond

    Steve is the Outreach Coordinator for the Summit and has been working with men and women since participating in his Sterling Men’s Weekend in Jan 1994. Steve has 3 adult children in their 20’s and has become a stepdad to two 30 plus adults, with his inspiring partner in life, Susan.

  • Gary S Farb
    Gary S Farb

    Gary is responsible for Theme and Content of the Summit, He’s spent almost 30 years in tranformational work with many organizations. During the day time he is General Partner of Clark Farb Fiksel LLP.

  • Terry Martindale
    Terry Martindale

    Terry is AV Manager for the Summit, a father, television editor and avid cyclist. For over 30 years Terry has been telling compelling stories with video. In 2015 he got involved with personal development and participating in men’s teams.

  • Lee Rosen
    Lee Rosen

    Lee is the program lead for Men and Masculinity, has a passion for providing opportunities for others while working with amazing people committed to making their communities better. A father of three, husband, IT Professional and Leadership Trainer and recently moved to Florida with his wife.

2017 Core Team included representatives from four partners, Motomo, MDI, Mankind Project of Canada


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